• Storage technology Start-up at Emerging Stage

    Emerging Stage Storage technology Start-up through emerging stages. High growth, overall funding $45M. Led all HR activities and implementation.
    • Hiring far behind growth
    • Inconsistent and weak talent selection
    • Risked losing key talent, merit increases and wages inconsistent, not aligned with budget and market
    • Align business plan with talent acquisition
    • Establish flexible in-house talent acquisition team and process
    • Partnered with CFO to create and launch structured merit format
    • Reduced time to hire 55%, increased staff 340%
    • Saved more than $395,000 in outside vendor fees
    • Brought and kept team at market and within budget
  • MMO (Massively Multiplayer Online) Gaming Technology Company at Pre-funding Stage

    MMO (Massively Multiple Online) Gaming technology company. Pre-funding stage into Series A, team buildout and relocation to Austin. Established all HR functions, benefits and payroll.
    • Short team building and game delivery window
    • Build senior management team and all departments
    • More hires were needed than budgeted due to outside game vendor failures
    • Align talent acquisition with key deliverables, identify and target 12 and 18 month goals
    • Develop leadership profiles and expectations
    • Design and implement a lean talent process using in-house talent acquisition
    • Time to hire just 28 days average, extremely low team member turnover
    • Filled all non-founder leadership roles including CTO, CFO, Controller and Directors
    • Saved more than $480,000 in contingency placement fees
  • Medical Online SaaS Provider at Emerging Stage

    Medical online SaaS provider at emerging high growth stage, took over leadership HR role, strong individual contributor.
    • Supervisors and employees frustrated, not engaged in strategic vision
    • Strategic goals not translated into measurable department goals, shifted frequently
    • No feedback or performance management process
    • Conduct supervisory level survey to identify problem areas
    • Re-launch clear goals. Guide senior management team through department goal setting; document priorities
    • Develop process focusing on documented goal discussions and quarterly performance feedback
    • Improved senior and supervisory level manager satisfaction and alignment with new President
    • Teamed with new President, communicated clear vision, consistent goals and priorities
    • Expanded Managers’ planning, execute and measurement for increased productivity